‘We accomplish few things in life, not always what have loved most, almost never the way we would have wanted to.’

Valerio Zurlini


My artistic path started by exploring fragments of everyday life that take the shape of light, ideas, values and sensations and form the meaningfulness of existence. The aim was to uncover their vibrations by freezing them through my work. During my master thesis, my work started to walk on a parallel track, as I became more and more interested not only in fragments but in their chronology and sequentiality, in what holds them together as logical, living concepts. An essential part of this chronoloy are the gaps in-between moments. From this point on, gaps have marked my current approach of life and work as a series of unfinished moments, similar to the frames of a film reel, where stills relate to eachother through the gaps which determine their separation and at the same time shape their togetherness.

I am a ceasless explorer of these gaps, trying to understand the way they are born, exist and how they hold all pieces together. My work explores these dark, liminal spaces between moments of light, through an emotional and sensorial approach. What sensations do these moments of uncertainty trigger, which unconscious parts of our being do they activate?

My PhD which is a practice-based project explores these gaps as important parts of the meaning-making process of home movies. The project is built around the potential of reuse of home movie material generated through the existence of these gaps as significant moments of freedom for the audience, to generate their own meaning. For further information on the PhD project visit the section: Home Movie 4.0.

As a visual artist I work with a range of techniques and media such as drawing, sculpture, printing, videoart and photography. As an expert in marketing, tourism and international cooperation, I bring in more than 10 years of experience working as an analyst and consultant. Both my artistic practice and industry-oriented research find a path of intersection through the concept of research-creation.


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